Technical Manager (Shanghai)

Research and development , Shanghai, China

Job responsibilities:
1. Expand the management of elastomer new application technology, new products, new processing technology and intellectual property rights;
2. Formulate the strategic direction of the Department and formulate the development blueprint of new technology and products;
3. Formulate departmental development objectives, KPIs and action policies;
4. Planning of main R & D activities and formulation of R & D direction;
5. Make annual budget planning and control monthly expenditure;
6. Supervise the daily operation of the Department to ensure the effective operation of the Department;
7. Create an open, participatory, stimulating and cooperative working environment;
8. Provide and ensure the safety, hygiene and friendly working environment of all employees;
9. Strengthen the value of Taiwan rubber, corporate ethics and law enforcement, and follow the code of conduct;
10. Visit customers or suppliers at home and abroad regularly.

Job requirements:
1. Doctor / Master degree, major in polymer materials, chemical engineering, chemistry or related
2. At least 10 years of experience in elastomer, medical materials and film, especially film
3. At least 5 years department management experience
4. Good English communication skills
5. Practical experience in new product commercialization or new product market and application development
6. Familiar with composite materials, polymer properties, processing analysis and testing
7. Familiar with material structure - physical properties - processing correlation
8. Familiar with intellectual property management knowledge
9. Proficient in six standard deviation, quality management and project management methods and skills
10. Strategic thinking of developing international market
11. Have high logical problem analysis skills and be able to make good use of systematic tools to carry out innovation out of the traditional way of thinking
12. Open minded, enthusiastic, positive and positive, willing to accept changes and challenges to achieve the goal of excellent quality
13. They have a strong desire to create a new Bureau and implement it in a responsible, flexible and flexible manner