HSE Officer

HSE, Dashe, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Job description

1. Fire service (including emergency response drills)
2. Factory automatic inspection business
3. Contractor management
4. Environmental safety and health equipment management
5. Assist in the operation of joint defense organization in underground pipeline area
6. Promote occupational safety and health and environmental management systems
7. Environmental safety and health performance statistics
8. Other matters assigned by the competent authority


1. Grade A occupational safety management technician, Grade A occupational health management technician
2. B-level occupational safety and health management technician
3. Qualification certificate for waste water treatment personnel
4. Qualification certificate for air pollution control personnel
5. Qualified Certificate of Class A Toxic Chemical Substance Management
6. Qualified certificate of Class A waste removal (processing) technician
7. Leading auditor of international standard ISO 14000