HSE (Principal) Officer

HSE, Dashe, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Job description

1. Consolidate the environmental, safety and health management procedures of each base as a reference for TSRC Global HSE management.
2. Handle the document management of Global HSE.
3. Conduct Global HSE standard training for environmental safety and health supervisors of each base.
4. Collection, calculation, analysis, reporting and management of annual environmental safety and health performance indicators.
5. Every week, the environmental safety and health status of each base is unified, and various environmental safety and health incidents are corrected and prevented and managed again.
6. The environmental security and sanitation government inspections of each base are missing to improve tracking, and the level is expanded to avoid recurrence.
7. Announcement of major external environmental safety and health incidents and follow-up incidents cause tracing, as a reference for the management of each base.
8. Collect PSM management status of each base and compare differences.
9. Integration and comparative analysis of laws and regulations of each production base.


1. Grade A occupational safety management technician, Grade A occupational health management technician
2. B-level occupational safety and health management technician
3. Qualification certificate for waste water treatment personnel
4. Qualification certificate for air pollution control personnel
5. Qualified Certificate of Class A Toxic Chemical Substance Management
6. Qualified certificate of Class A waste removal (processing) technician
7. Leading auditor of international standard ISO 14000