Board of Directors

We're a diverse community marked by respect and integrity

Meet our Board Members

Shao-Yu Wang | TSRC
Mr.Shao-Yu Wang


Nita Ing | TSRC
Ms.Nita Ing

Vice Chairman

Robert Hung | TSRC
Mr.Robert Hung

Independent Director

Convenor of the Audit Committee / Member of the Remuneration Committee

Henry Lin | TSRC
Mr.Henry Lin

Independent Director

Convenor of the Remuneration Committee / Member of the Audit Committee

Henry Feng | TSRC
Mr.Henry Feng

Independent Director

Member of the Audit / Remuneration Committee

Otto Cheng | TSRC
Mr.Otto Cheng


Tzu-wei  Lee | TSRC
Mr.Tzu-wei Lee


Chin-Shan Chiang | TSRC
Mr.Chin-Shan Chiang


John Yu | TSRC
Mr.John Yu