Cutting-Edge Technology

Establish sustainable and integrated platform for new generation products

Cutting-Edge Technology

Technology platforms serve as the foundation and building blocks for our differentiated products that perform in a wide variety of applications. At TSRC we have been continuously investing in sustainable innovation over the past decades, developing enabling technologies, and improving our fundamental know-how. These platforms provide flexibility in new product design and enable us to shorten development cycles.


Proprietary Processing

Monomer Purification, VOC Reduction, Metal Removal and Finishing Technology.

Scale-Up Technology

Smooth scale-up capability including Lab, Pilot, Semi-commercial Pilot Plant and Plant stages.

Precision Polymerization

Anionic polymerization
Coordination polymerisation
Coupling technology


Homogeneous Catalyst
Heterogeneous Catalysts
Selective Hydrogenation System
Benzene Ring Hydrogenation


Reactive Grafting
Chain-end Modification
Post Reactor Functionalization

Environmentally Friendly

Waste Water Recycling, Vent Gas Recovery, Waste Heat Recovery, Pollution Prevention.

Semi Commercial Plant

The SCP, a small factory with 300 tons/year, provides an ideal facility for scale-up trials, customer sampling & validation and small scale production. The SCP helps us to meet special customer needs and facilitate high-end product developments that do not require the volume of a full scale plant.