Executive Leadership

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Meet Our Executive Leadership

Joseph Chai | TSRC
Mr.Joseph Chai


Kent Kvaal | TSRC
Mr.Kent Kvaal

Advanced Materials Division

Vice President

Kevin Liu | TSRC
Mr.Kevin Liu

Synthetic Rubber Division

Vice President

Edward Wang | TSRC
Mr.Edward Wang

Finance Division

Vice President

Brian Hsu | TSRC
Mr.Brian Hsu

Operations Division

Vice President

Qiwei Lu | TSRC
Mr.Qiwei Lu

Research & Development Division

Vice President

Peggy Wang | TSRC
Mrs.Peggy Wang

Human Resources & Management Dept.

Vice President

Thomas Lin | TSRC
Mr.Thomas Lin

Corporate Development Dept.

Senior Assistant Vice President

Iting Tsai | TSRC
Mr.Iting Tsai

Legal Dept.

Assistant Vice President