We emphasized on employee’s safe and healthy environment on the basis of people-oriented value and create positive impact by social engagement and contributions.

The Personnel Right & Interest | TSRC

The Personnel Right & Interest

We are committed to protecting the rights and interests of people. We refer to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Global Covenant, the International Labor Office Tripartite Declaration of Principles and other international human rights conventions and standards, and prevent any violations and violations of human rights, prohibit any form of discrimination, forced labor and the use of child labor, and practice it in internal operation management operations including employees, customers, suppliers, etc., to ensure that all personnel can be treated fairly and dignifiedly, and safety and hygiene.
With healthy and high-quality working environment and the implementation of work safety and physical and mental health.

Protection of The Personnel Right & Interest

We have formulated the "Sexual Harassment Prevention Measures, Complaints and Punishment Measures", which conform to the SA8000 code of conduct, to ensure TSRC employees to handle the complaint in a confidential manner during the investigation of the complaint and protect the privacy rights of the parties.

We have formulated the “Employee Appeal Management Measures,” set up employee suggestion boxes, and provide training courses to promote the rights and interests ‘protection of employees to strengthen the awareness of personnel rights protection and practice in daily operations.

Safety & Health

A safe workplace is the foundation of TSRC sustainable operation. TSRC continues to improve environmental safety and enhance management performance.

We arrange relevant health inspection in each plant annually and identify occupational hazards with completed management in accordance with ISO45001 management system to reduce the probability of hazards.


Core Value of TSRC HSE

There are five elements in our core value to strengthen workplace safety and healthy.


TSRC Safety and Health Policy

We emphasize on employees’ safety and health in accordance with ISO45001 management system and obtained relevant occupational safety and health certification towards zero disaster and zero injury.


Occupational Injury Prevention

We pay attention to the adjustment of process and working hours, isolation, and personal protection to reduce the probability of hazards.
We also manage occupational hazards such as noise, carbon disulfide, benzene, dust, and butadiene, and regularly check the health of relevant personnel.

Environmental, Health and Safety
Diversity & Inclusion | TSRC

Diversity & Inclusion

We create a diverse and equal workplace and emphasis on labor rights and gender equality. Talent recruitment is not affected by age, gender, region, religion, marital status and sexual orientation.
We continue to attract outstanding talents to join TSRC through various channels such as industry-university cooperation and corporate internships.
We create a diverse and inclusive culture, make good use of the differences and uniqueness of employees, and encourage each other and support innovation.

Talent Recruitment

We select professionals based on professional ability and work experience in line with the principle of equal opportunities.
We provide well remuneration and welfare. Our management is people-oriented and we have a sound promotion and development system to actively retain outstanding talents.

Employee Benefits | TSRC

Employee Benefits

In comply with local laws and regulations, we provide employee welfare insurance, meal allowance, year-end party, health check allowance, travel allowance, as well as wedding gifts, maternity gifts, and condolences for injuries and illnesses.
To thank senior and exemplary employees, we provide special awards to recognize their long-term and outstanding contributions and efforts to the company.
We also set up recreation rooms in each production site, so that employees can stretch their bodies and minds and expand their interpersonal relationships after work.

Welfare & Retirement

Talent Development

Enhancing the quality of human resources is the basis of TSRC’s human resources development. We create a complete learning roadmap for our colleagues, which is classified into "general education" and "technical & Professional", and different courses are planned according to colleagues of different ranks.

To improve human quality and inline with the rapid changes in the environment, TSRC continues to invest resources in employee education and training, and continuously improve the development of employee capability.

Employee Training
Performance Management | TSRC

Performance Management

To improve the overall performance of employees and organization, TSRC promotes human performance management including goal setting, empowerment, communication and coaching, the link between performance and rewards, career development, etc., to effectively measure the performance of all employees and provide the feedback to employees to help their career growth and development.

Social Engagement | TSRC

Social Engagement

Our spirit is to devote ourselves to provide social service and contributions with the capital and resource to fulfill social needs.
we ensure industrial safety and environmental protection in community environment and create share value for the community.
To implement the ideal of industrial operation and community prosperity, we have been in close communication with the community for a long time and actively responded to the relevant needs of the community.
We promote chemical education and the cultivation of chemical talents for a long time. We collaborate with related organizations with resources and create social positivity.

Social Contributions
Five Principles for Community Engagement

Science Education

Chemistry On The Go

TSRC cooperates with the chemical education service team and provides volunteer assistance to the school nearby every year.
Over the past 10 years, more than 170 employees have served as volunteers, and they have been volunteering in schools in cooperation with activities by nearly 1,000 hours.

The service attracted nearly a thousand local students to participate, stimulated students' enthusiasm for chemical science, and triggered more innovative R&D momentum.

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