Specialty Products

Deliver viable products in leading market

Specialty Products

New product development involves new molecular structures, new processing, and new applications. Its success requires integrating resources at all levels, including marketing/sales, research and development, production, quality assurance, product safety & compliance, supply chain, etc. As the innovation engine of TSRC, our global R&D team is committed to delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of our customers for a wide range of applications. We are excited to meet the world-class challenges in the synthetic rubber and elastomer world.

Differentiated Performance

Meeting key global customer requirements for uniquely differentiated SIS, SBS, and SEBS grades

High Performance Rubber

Low rolling resistance, high wet traction SSBR
High abrasion BR
Low temperature, oil resistance NBR

Application Oriented SBC

Low Processing Temperature Adhesive
Fast Crosslinking Product
Softer HSBC
Low Oil Bleeding HSBC
Viscosity Modifier
Low Haze SBC

Medical Grades

Medical 6150, 6151, 6152
High Vinyl SEBS

Environmentally Friendly

Benzene Free BR

FDA Compliant

FDA compliant SIS and SEBS

TPE Development Focus

Building on ever expanding technology platforms, our TPE developmental products are designed for commodity and specialty applications. Application targeting is achieved through deep partnerships with key customers that strengthen our application research. Developing applications include IV-bags and tubing, printing plates, high-end shoe materials, tie layers for film, viscosity modifier, and more.

Currently, TSRC is working hard to develop new generation high performance and environmentally friendly hydrogenated styrenic block copolymer (HSBC) products for medical and film applications.

High Quality SSBR

TSRC has commercialized solution styrene-butadiene rubber (SSBR) product line in response to escalating industry and customer demand for environmental friendly and high performance tires. Taipol 2466 won the Taiwan National Industrial Innovation Achievement Award on 2012.