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Report To Shareholders | TSRC

Report To Shareholders

In 2017, TSRC experienced one of the most challenging periods within the past couple of years with unprecedented butadiene price volatility, softened ESBR/BR demand, and intense pricing pressure. While we delivered a very good first quarter, we took a bad hit financially in the second quarter with a large quantity of high cost inventories. The team worked hard and managed to recover a good part of the financial hit over the third and fourth quarters. Our fundamental business and customer base remained stable. Overall, Synthetic Rubber Division (SRD) business suffered the biggest reduction in operating profit versus prior year while Advanced Materials Division (AMD) did better against the challenges with a smaller operating profit reduction.

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Financial Information | TSRC

Financial Information

TSRC, formerly known as Taiwan Synthetic Rubber Corp., was established in 1973 by the founder Mr. Glyn T.H. Ing to support government’s policy on developing petrochemical industry in Taiwan. From a sole synthetic rubber manufacturer in Taiwan, TSRC has become a leader in today’s rubber industry in the Asian market, and our products have been highly acclaimed and widely adopted by major customers in Asia.

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