Engineer of chemical process (Taiwan)

Production, Kaohsiung. Taiwan

Job Desecrbtion

1. Process development and design, simulation calculation, Pilot/SCP (middle/post) amplification.
2. Project feasibility assessment, proposal, establishment of verification process & acquisition of required equipment.
3. On-site back-end process assistance, providing improvement/bottleneck solutions.
4. Research and introduce new equipment to achieve technological development.
5. Cooperate and participate in the company's quality and safety policy related operations.
6. Cooperate with the task assigned by the executive supervisor: cross-departmental communication.
7. Experience as a process developer is preferred.
8. Those with factory construction experience are preferred.

Job conditions

1. Operation or design of chemical/chemical process.
2. Rubber/plastic manufacturing (manufacturing improvement).
3. English ability to communicate with foreign technicians.
4. At least 7 years of work experience is required.