Life at TSRC

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Work Place

TSRC offers a friendly environment, challenging projects, and team-orientation to foster innovation and creativity. We employ a diverse workforce in worldwide offices spanning from Asia to Europe and the United States. TSRC has a variety of positions available, both chemical and non-chemical for talented professionals at all experience levels. Please search our jobs database to find an available position suited to you.

U.S Dexco | TSRC

U.S Dexco

U.S Dexco | TSRC

U.S Dexco

Work with global vision | TSRC

Work with global vision

Taipei Office | TSRC

Taipei Office

Kaohsiung Factory | TSRC

Kaohsiung Factory

Global Business Headquarter | TSRC

Global Business Headquarter

Company Trip

TSRC provide company trips every year to engage and motivate our employees. We also hope the trip can relax their bodies, minds and have a good relationship with their families.

Make fun memories with family | TSRC

Make fun memories with family

The family building | TSRC

The family building

Community well-being | TSRC

Community well-being

Never miss a moment | TSRC

Never miss a moment

Enjoying the leisure time | TSRC

Enjoying the leisure time

Work hard and play harder | TSRC

Work hard and play harder

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Combining the resources and infrastructure of a global brand
with the creative culture of a startup, our teams are changing
people’s lives for the better through chemistry.