TSRC Showcases Innovative TPE Elastomers and Sustainability Efforts at TAIWAN EXPO in INDIA


TSRC is pleased to announce its participation in the TAIWAN EXPO in INDIA, where it will proudly present its latest advancements in Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). This significant undertaking represents a notable achievement for TSRC as it aims to enhance its reputation and brand image in the emerging Indian market while introducing cutting-edge materials to industry professionals and enthusiasts. The event, scheduled from October 5th to 7th in Mumbai, India, provides a premier opportunity for businesses and industries to showcase innovative products, explore new opportunities, and foster collaborations.


TSRC’s commitment to fostering an environmentally friendly future will be showcased through its presentation of TPE elastomers designed specifically for post-consumer recycled (PCR) applications. By actively promoting sustainability, the company enhances the quality of recycled resin and rejuvenates it for renewed usage. This proactive approach vividly demonstrates TSRC’s dedication to driving sustainable practices.


Moreover, TSRC will emphasize its extensive range of medical TPE elastomers tailored for the healthcare industry. The VECTOR SEBS series materials exemplify the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering secure, sustainable, and innovative solutions for medical device manufacturing. These TPE elastomers possess versatile properties and comply with industry standards, unlocking new possibilities for the development of advanced medical devices that ultimately enhance the outcomes.


In addition, TSRC’s presence at the exhibition will shine a spotlight on its versatile SEBS Compound, a material with diverse applications such as slippers, midsoles, insoles, heel counters, and outsoles. By optimizing the balance between performance, properties, and processability, TSRC’s SEBS Compound facilitates the creation of finished products that are easily recyclable and reusable, contributing to the establishment of a circular economy.


As TSRC eagerly participates in TAIWAN EXPO in INDIA, the company aims to share its innovative TPE technology with the global audience and demonstrate its unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation. TSRC invites attendees to visit our booth #A0416 in Hall 2 to explore the solutions and engage in meaningful discussions about the future of the plastics and rubber industries.



Venue: Mumbai, India
Booth: Hall 2, #A0416

2023/10/05 ~ 7