customized formulation with modifiable physical properties

T-BLEND Applied Materials utilizes thermoplastic rubber and other fillers, which are melted via the mixer after being prepared in accordance with a certain proportion. TSRC has established an Application Center dedicated to technology services, which boasts professional senior R&D personnel, precision test instruments, and foreign technology consultants, cooperates with foreign academic institutions to provide specialized after sales services and herald development of new technologies to offer the customers with all-round technology support actually.


Good product yield rates, excellent coloring ability, and modifiable physical properties to meet customer’s needs.

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Product Classification

Color Harness
Shore A
ASTM D2240
Density (g/cm³) ASTM D792 Tensile Strength (kgf/cm²) ASTM D412 Elongation (%) ASTM D412 300% Modulus (kg/cm²) ASTM D412 Tear Strength (kg/cm) ASTM D624 Melt Flow (g/10min)5kg, 180° CASTM D1238 Download

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