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CSR Annual Report

TSRC Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR Report),The report is compiled in accordance with the GRI Standards in the economic, environmental and social aspects, to disclose all key issues, actions and responding performance information of all CSR management policies to the stakeholders, through the topic of sustainability, relevant strategies, objectives and measures to expand the communication and engagement with all stakeholders.

Reduce GHG emissions

For energy saving aspect, through production process improvement and integration, TSRC has replaced the old equipment with new and improved efficiency equipment as well as optimized the operating conditions, production line configuration; continue to strive for lower the energy consumption.

GHG Management and Reduction

Therefore the key point of GHG reduction is to use low-carbon fuels to replace black coal and save electricity.Concluding all aforementioned measures, TSRC expects to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the load to the environment.

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