Corporate Social Responsibility

We will continue contributing to the community and promoting CSR to be sustainable in the future.

In 2011, TSRC group implemented CSR and devoted to economic, environmental, social and other relative aspects, to assist the company to practice good corporate citizenship and social responsibility in its operations. TSRC encourages ourselves to care more about stakeholders and to further consider the environment, and we are convinced that what we have done will eventually be fed back into growth on profit.

TSRC ESG Strategy and Targets

NTD 200,820,000

In 2020, TSRC's expenditures in overall Environmental Protection and Investments were NTD 200,820, 000.

Environmental Policy
Green Activities

Cherish the earth resources and fulfill our responsibilities for environmental protection. Commitment to continuous improvement and business sustainability.

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ISO 50001

TSRC has continued to achieve the production process energy conservation measures, equipment efficiency enhancement, waste heat and waste water recycle and optimization of operating condition, to fulfill the spirit of ISO-50001 Energy Management step by step.

Energy Management Policy & Conservation

Comply with regulations and carry out energy consumption audit/review. Improve energy consumption through utilization of high-efficiency equipment. Continuous improvement in GHG (Green House Gas) emissions reduction.

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Quality Policy

We are committed to meet and exceed customer’s expectation in products’ and services’ quality through the principles of “Do It Right the First Time” and “Accountability” in continuous quality improvement.

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Health and Safety Policy

People-centric is our core value. We strive to achieve the target of “zero hazard, zero injury” and operate based on the following principles:

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