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Corporate Governance

In order to implement high-quality corporate culture, maintain the Company's image and corporate ethics, the Company established "Corporate Governance Guidelines" , "Code of Ethics" and “Code of Business Conduct“ in accordance with the "Company Act", "Securities and Exchanges Act" and "Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies" to regulate all employees and directors and managers; to avoid taking advantage of their own job duties to seek improper profits for themselves and relatives, prohibit leaks of customer's privacy when they are handling business activities and procedural regulations.

Board of Directors

TSRC Board of Directors, elected by the Shareholders, is the highest corporate governance authority, with the main responsibilities of setting and supervising the business operational objectives.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee works with Certified Public Accountants to audit the important accounts in the financial reports to ensure the legitimacy and adequacy of the financial statements.

Compensations Committee

Establish and regularly review the performance evaluation of the Directors and Managers as well as the compensations policies, systems, standards, and structures. Regularly assess and establish the compensations of the Directors and Managers.

Confidential Non-Disclosure Policies

To protect the Company's intellectual property rights, confidential information and personal information of the customers and employees. To prevent insider trading and avoid a conflict of interest between the Company and individuals that benefits personal profit.

Internal Control and Establishment and Implementation of Internal Audit System

The Audit Office is directly under the Board of Directors, responsible for auditing the internal control system and tracking the discovered defects and abnormal activities until improved.

Procurement Policy

  • TSRC is devoted to CSR and encourages our partners to promote open and fair competitive business activities based on fairness and ethics for the long-term profits and sustainable operations of TSRC and its partners.
  • TSRC believed the supply chain members play a very important factor in the execution and development of CSR and expected our partners will agree and spare no efforts to take the social and environmental responsibility as the business principles.
  • Expected our partners follow TSRC’s Partner Code of Conduct (PCC), including categories like environment, occupational safety and health, human rights and labor policy, and ensured the products and services provided comply with all nations and other applicable laws and regulations.
  • TSRC will first select suppliers that correspond to PCC.
Hazardous Substance Free Policy | TSRC

Hazardous Substance Free Policy

  • Comply with HSF (Hazardous Substances Free) related laws and regulations. Meet customer product’s environmental requirements.
  • Continuous improvement in environmental protection standards and production of HSF (Hazardous Substances Free) products.

Supplier Selection

The Procurement Department implemented a "HSF Hazardous Substance Free" graded management and control measures for the supplier to provide chemical Material Safety Data Sheet, even with use of trial chemicals, to ensure the raw materials in the TSRC products are in compliance with the HSF specification.

Local procurement

In order to reduce transportation, lower carbon emission, we actively introduce local procurement when purchasing raw materials, and encourage suppliers to set up factories in Taiwan, to reduce the costs of air and sea shipment and energy consumption, as well as shorten the delivery time.

Product Corporate Social Responsibility

In the communication between the suppliers and TSRC, in additional to the routine communication between TSRC purchasing personnel and suppliers, we have established the SAP communication platform to communicate, such as amendment of the supplier data, purchase order inquiry, confirmation and other businesses.

Fair and unbiased procurement

When procuring materials, we select the suppliers based on the reasonable terms of product quality delivery punctuality, cooperativeness, industrial safety management, and CSR management of raw material suppliers to uphold the fair and unbiased procurement principles.

Product Responsibility and Customer Relations

All TSRC's products are required to be evaluated and controlled. Considering global environmental protection, and energy-saving awareness that also led to green development trend of synthetic rubber, TSRC also begin to develop environmental protection rubber materials and actively promote those to customers, communicate the efforts with them.

TSRC believes customer satisfaction affects customer loyalty, in order to understand whether the products and services meet the real needs of customers, and follow up the implementation of improvement measures to further improve the quality of products and services.

Quality Policy - We are committed to meet and exceed customer’s expectation in products’ and services’ quality through the principles of “Do It Right the First Time” and “Accountability” in continuous quality improvement.

Customer Satisfaction | TSRC

Customer Satisfaction

TSRC values our customers, we always uphold the concept of "Customer First", establish a close working relationship with customers, pursue better product quality continuously. For the comments and requests submitted by our customers auditing TSRC in person, we have achieved those through our teamwork execution to operate with a more precise / more stringent quality management system.

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