Grand Opening of TSRC Global Application Research Center (Shanghai)

[Taipei] TSRC Corporation (“TSRC”) announced today the grand opening of the Global Application Research Center at TSRC (Shanghai) Industries Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of TSRC, located in Shanghai, China.

TSRC Global Application Research Center (Shanghai) aims to accelerate collaboration with customer in elastomer/polymer compounds and their downstream applications, such as medical and specialty films. It has state-of-the-art equipment to conduct inhouse prototyping, including compounding, film fabrication, characterization testing, etc.., and is dedicated to customer support and application development.

“Connecting high-quality polymers and customers’ deep market insights, we believe that TSRC Global Application Research Center (Shanghai) positions us well to solve problems and create valuable solutions for the customers with speed and agility”, according to Hendrick Lam, Senior Vice President, Advanced Materials Division, TSRC.

Medical applications development is one of the key strategic initiatives in TSRC’s transformation to become a global specialty chemical company. The growing and ageing population and the need to improve quality of life are driving the global medical TPE growth with 5.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the next decade and an annual domestic demand of 50,000 ton in China. TSRC is a technology innovator in SEBS for medical applications and the Global Application Research Center in Shanghai will enhance our capability to continue development of high value materials for medical applications.