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We are committed to developing and motivating our people

Training and Development

People are the most important asset of TSRC, and the key to our success. To enhance employees' expertise, we hold training programs on a regular basis, products knowledge, and self development programs. We are integrating and utilizing our resources to provide an all-round and diverse learning environment to all of our employees.

New Employee Orientation

Nothing is more important for the new employee than to become well integrated into the new working environment. It is an initial process that provides easy access to basic information, programs and services, gives clarification and allows new employees to take an active role in TSRC.

General & Professional Training

The design of general and professional training courses for employee is based on TSRC’s mission, vision and competency. We conducts a solid, professional training and development system in order to improve and enhance our employees’ capabilities.

Successor Training Courses

TSRC has a comprehensive evaluation system which includes TOEIC (an English ability assessment), Technical Skill Certificate Assessment System to enhance product quality and satisfy customers’ expectations.

EMBA Support Programs

When designing training courses, we support EMBA courses in some specific unervisety to plan corresponding development courses.

Health & Safe Working Environment

We are dedicated to building a quality work environment for our employees because we have always considered them our most valuable assets and the key to our company's growth and progress.
TSRC has dedicated significant effort to promoting and developing its industrial safety and health activities. TSRC also understands the importance of practicing and implementing industrial safety measures as a means to realize sustainable growth. As such, TSRC not only invests in preventive equipment to conform to international standards, but also trains its employees on health and safety practices and instills the values of sustainable growth.

In addition to dedicated efforts in building a quality and engaging workplace, TSRC also referenced the latest amendments to the Occupational Safety and Health Act to initiate a series of activities to promote and improve upon ergonomic factors, health protection for female workers, and overwork-related conditions to protect and support our fellow employees. Extensive planning and preventive surveys were carried out to assess employee requirements, physical health, and mental states from multiple perspectives. Efforts for promoting Healthy Workplace concepts were aimed at improving support and recognition from employees and external agencies as well as encouraging the recruitment and retention of skilled professionals to achieve the final goal of enhancing personal and corporate performance.

TSRC shall continue to pursue the 3 aspects of providing a safe work environment, safeguarding employee health, and encouraging work-life balance to ensure the health of all our employees as well as those of their families.

Compensation and Benefits

TSRC provides our employees with compensation and benefits that are market-competitive in order to attract talented people to join the company.


TSRC benchmarks critical players in the talents competition in multinational and Taiwanese markets and provides competitive salaries based on the qualifications and capabilities, work experience and performance, and the market values of the employees. No employee will be discriminated against because of their gender, race, religious beliefs, political stance or marital status.

Insurance Benefits

Besides providing various types of insurance benefits and pensions according to regulations, TSRC also provides group insurance and accident insurance for business trips and overseas travel to ensure the safety of its employees during work and daily life. This will in turn strengthen the trust and cohesiveness between TSRC and its employees.


In order to form a cohesive bond between TSRC and its employees as well as abide by regulations, TSRC has provided various forms of compensation and benefits, including salary increases, variable bonuses, On-the-spot Recognition, Special Award, Annual Contribution Award.

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