TSRC has implemented the “Code of Ethics” and “Code of Business Conduct” to establish the culture of integrity. If you suspect or identify any unlawful, immoral or unethical conduct (“Wrongdoing”) by any director, officer or employee of TSRC and its subsidiaries, please contact us. Your report will be directly handled by dedicated unit of TSRC.

Unless otherwise provided by laws, TSRC will maintain the confidentiality of your personal information and protect your identity to the fullest extent permitted by law.



  1. Please provide your name and contact information.
  2. TSRC may use your personal information, including name, phone number and email address, to facilitate investigation or to contact you. If necessary, TSRC may share your personal information with its subsidiaries.
  3. To promptly conduct the investigation, please provide the name or any information to identify the individual engaged in the suspected Wrongdoing, and any information or specific evidence of Wrongdoing for our further investigation.
  4. TSRC will maintain the confidentiality of your identity and disclosed information. You will not be treated improperly after report of Wrongdoing, and TSRC strictly prohibits anyone from threatening or retaliating against the whistleblower.
  5. You may not knowingly and willfully make a false statement. You will be liable for the allegations that prove to have been made knowingly and willfully to be false.
  6. You may not disclose any or part of information provided by TSRC. Unless otherwise required by law, you may not file a lawsuit using the correspondence between you and TSRC.