To All Stakeholders

Understand our efforts and dedications
by publishing this CSR report

For future development, we will make continual
improvement to pursue sustained operations.

2019 was a challenging year for most businesses. Global economic growth slowed due to the disruptions from trade disputes and geopolitical conflicts, as well as the uncertainties in outlook and negative impact to business/consumer confidence. TSRC’s business was not immune to these negative factors and experienced a decline in overall financial performance compared to the year of 2018.

Despite the downturn and uncertainties in the global economy, TSRC continues to invest to fulfill its commitment in sustainable enterprise development and corporate social responsibility in economic, environmental and social aspects. Adhering to our people-centric core value, we proactively connect with local stakeholders through social participation. In the aspect of employee welfare and caring, we were recognized and received 2019 “Happiness Enterprise Award” from a third-party media in Taiwan.

From operation standpoint, we established concrete plans and actions to align TSRC performance targets with United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) via international standard management systems. For example, we adopted ISO 50001, Energy Management System, and set the goal of larger-than-one-percent average annual saving in electricity to manufacture products more efficiently; ISO 45001, Occupational Health and Safety Management System, is used for manage our healthcare and practices toward the goal of a zero-hazard-zero-injury working environment; and ISO 14001, Environmental Management System, focuses on sustainable manufacturing and guide our activities in waste reduction and recycling management toward a sustainable environment.

For the year of 2020, global economic growth continues to be weakened, especially with the COVID-19 outbreak. The outbreak directly impacted China’s economy and also caused a broad-based impact globally due to China’s position in the global supply chain and international trade. TSRC’s priority, during this difficult period, is to ensure the safety of our employees and to support our key customers to stabilize and sustain their businesses. We will also continue our long-term development projects for new products and technology solutions. Meanwhile, we strive to continue creating values for the stakeholders and the whole society with dedications to resource conservation and corporate social responsibility fulfillment for a sustainable future.

Joseph Chai

CEO Joseph Chai | TSRC