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CSR Organization

TSRC CSR Project Organization - The Corporate Social Responsibility Steering Committee, led by the President and CEO, and hold regular meetings to confirm and review CSR promotion status and strategy. And then the results and future strategies shall be reported by the CEO to the Board of Directors.

CSR Steering Committee


Communication with Stakeholders and Material Issues Analysis

There are total of seven categories of stakeholders including Customers, Employees / Labor Union, Investors, Government(authorities), Media, Suppliers, Society (includes community / NGOs / local residents influenced by operation activities).
Concerned level of the issue, analyzed two factors of the Company's economic, environmental, social high and low impacts, to identify 13 concerned material topics.
The company reported to the board of directors on 3 August 2021, regarding communication with its stakeholders and the implementation and promotion of corporate social responsibility in 2020。

Analysis of Material Issues

Material Aspect Analysis Result


Stakeholders Contact

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Stakeholders, Concerned Issues and Communication Channels are as follows:

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